I'm Bringing Sexy Backs, Back! (Yoga for Back Pain)

Our backs are so precious and they’re one of the main muscles that commonly get injured or feel sore. Today my sequence is all about relieving your back pain. While they do stand out as one of the easiest muscles to pull, they are also very durable. Revive some of that solidity into your back again with this yoga routine.

Using our upper & lower backs as well as our core, we are targeting the exact areas that need some TLC. Follow along (video to the right) to get started.


People don’t realize how much time they spend sitting until they really begin to calculate it. There are a multitude of reasons (work, hobbies, reading, social media, Netflix, etc.) that will keep you entertained at your desk or on your couch for longer than you anticipated.

In Canada, it has been researched that, “On average, adults spent 9 hours and 48 minutes of their waking time being sedentary” (Statistics Canada). Whereas Canadian kids:

  • Aged 3-4 spend 5.8 hours a day

  • Aged 5-11 spend 7.6 hours a day

  • Aged 12-17 spend 9.3 hours a day

being sedentary.

(Active Healthy Kids Canada, 2014)

Here is a great video describing what happens when you choose sedentary behaviour.


If you ever feel that dreaded back ache or notice that you’ve been sitting for longer than expected, take a break. Stretch it out. Follow this sequence, or find some inspiration from it. Here is a cheat sheet of the poses I chose to support lower and upper back pain: