Wrist + Arm Empowerment | Yoga Sequence

Ever have one of those days where your arms are feeling a little weak? I’m sure we’ve all carried a handful of heavy grocery bags and it gave us a jolting reminder of “oh man, I need to get back into shape”.

That’s where today’s sequence comes in!


Of course, nothing gives immediate results but this is an awesome way to awaken your muscles. We ease into an arm strengthening practice with some simple wrist warm-ups. A lot of pressure lands on the wrists in yoga. It’s important to take it slow and fit some stretches in before you rely on them for any sort of foundation.

In this practice we also touch on our core, hips, and even some back flexion. Using all of these muscles, we work our way up to Bakasana (Crow Pose). If you aren’t yet at that level or you aren’t comfortable enough to float, don’t worry! I share a couple renditions you can do using a yoga block. Whether it’s the fear of face-planting or even the thought of trying to lift your feet. We will figure out a way to get you started.

Watch the video above to follow along or use this handy sequence chart: