Wheel You Be My Valentine | Greeting Card Printable (Yoga Edition)

(Graphic Design work at:  AshRobertson.com )

(Graphic Design work at: AshRobertson.com)

Since I’ve been making these asana glyphs for my sequences, I decided it would be a fun idea to create a Valentine’s Day card using one. What’s a Valentine’s Day card without a pun?! And, come on, the inclusion of heart-printed underwear is a must.

Download the FREE Valentine’s Day Card Below:

[2 Sizes available. If you want to print it directly from your at-home printer (11 x 8.5”, folded); or if you want to send it to a printing depot to get on card stock for cheap (10 x 7”, folded). You receive both sizes upon clicking the download button.]

A huge thing that’s always interested me about Valentine’s Day is that people think it’s all about romantic couples vs. singles. Thinking about it this way can make people feel resentful or lonely. It doesn’t matter whether you have found your soulmate, whether you don’t believe in soulmates, or whether the only thing on earth you love isn’t another human but, in fact, a cat. CELEBRATE IT!

Love is to be embraced with full vulnerable, divine feelings. If you can’t find that in any of your relationships, you need to Marie Kondo your life and find someone that sparks joy. Figure out what it is exactly that keeps you going because more often than not, that stems from love.

The inside of the card is blank so you can fill it in with cheesy, romantic, friendly, familial, or comedic scriptures of your own.

There are only 2 weeks until Valentine’s Day so take advantage now!