Lower Body Building & Flexibility | Yoga Sequence

Drums, please!

It’s finally here. The moment you’ve all been waiting for. My very first yoga sequence video.


Okay, I’ll be honest. I’ve learned a lot from even this experience in recording. I was already hesitant and thinking I wasn’t ready to make this. It got to the point where I knew if I didn’t just do it, it would never get done. I mulled over “Do I have a location to record?”, “I haven’t practiced my yoga lingo”, and ultimately, “what if I’m not good enough?”.

Then there are some things you don’t think about like how to capture the tops of your fingers (standing) while simultaneously recording your feet rooted into the ground. I’m not a tall person (at all) but even still, it was harder than you’d think. There are also countless points in the video that I would love to re-adjust or explain a little better.

Now these things can tear at my mind and make me continuously worry and give up on ever making a sequence video again. Or I can watch all the mistakes that were made, correct the ones I can, and begin to improve on the ones that are bound to happen during the beginner phase of teaching. In the end, it’s here, it’s recorded, and it’s finally finished. Now onto the next one.


Truly though, it would mean the world to me if you could give this sequence a watch and follow along with it. The most important part of the video is the flow of asanas and that will always be there. Even if my legs are spread a little too wide or I don’t realize a point I’m not reaching; I still give directions to you. Regardless of how it looks in the video, you will fit in a good practice. The best part about yoga is no matter your level, there is always a modification. While I intend to keep these up and teach yoga, it’s very much a self-practice. You learn to recognize your limits and you have your own intuition telling you what feels right and what doesn’t.

I also made a little cheat sheet of this sequence if it’s easier for you to visualize through glyphs. I love finding these when I need some inspiration of new poses. It’s also very helpful to visualize in one image what a flow looks like. Transitions can be as important as everything else so hopefully this will help others the same way these infographics help me.