meet ash robertson

Finding the physical, mental, and spiritual sustenance you already have within and bringing it to the surface.
— Mission Statement, (Ash Robertson)

Hello everyone! My name is Ash Robertson.

The biggest surprise I’ve had in my yoga journey is realizing that the moments you think are subtle and meaningless are really the ones with the most significance. There are these small instances that really broaden your knowledge of how your body and mind work together. I never knew breathing could make such an impact on my life until I trained at Bend it like Buddha and received my 200-HR Yoga Teacher Certification (Vinyasa & Ashtanga) & 8-HR Ayurvedic Massage Certification.

I've always been shy and have found it hard to perform in front of others. While I was away at my training, it was a different story. The constant pranayama, the meditation, and the practice all empowered me to face my fears. I know that with these tools, I can be my best self. Now, the time comes of true implementation, patience, and practice in my daily life.

I currently teach online via my YouTube Channel: Ash Robertson Yoga & Mindfulness

I aim to use this digital platform to share my experiences, model mindfulness, connect with like-minded people, and give insight into my lifestyle.

I know that we all have the strength & intuition to achieve anything we aim for. This is my journey of becoming a yoga teacher and uplifting my confidence in myself; while hopefully inspiring others to do the same.

During moments when I’m not doing yoga, you can find me running my graphic design & digital marketing company called: Ash Robertson Design

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